Thursday, June 27, 2013

feeling crafty..

do you ever get the itch to do something big?

keep reading to see what we're dreaming up over here...

lately i havent been feeling very inspired to do crafty things because my brain has been so full with new things at my new job (it still totally rocks..but it is a lot of info all at once) and so i havent made anything in over a week. i feel crazy!

and now that i am getting my craft brain back, i want to do something big. i don't know what yet... but i have the itch.

i am also really wanting to get into hand lettering. i am so inspired by people who can do calligraphy or hand letter really well..

so stay tuned.. i have a few projects in the works - including my first attempt at upholstery - and some amateur letter skills (or not so skills)..

and help me figure out something big to work on... i need a monumental project - like hand stenciling a wall, or a painting series..  or something crazy like that..

any ideas? what big ideas are you making a reality these days?!

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