Friday, June 7, 2013

may flowers: flower crown

ok, so it isn't may anymore... but i have one more flower filled project that i just can't let go of! a flower crown!!

what is it about a flower crown that makes you feel so - gosh there isn't a word is there? pretty? close to nature? princess-like? i can't explain, but make yourself a flower crown and you'll understand.

i made mine out of silk flowers because i wanted it to last forever.

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here is what you need:
flowers, real or fake, but fake is probably easier to work with and less fragile
wire cutters
hot glue gun

first, you want to cut your stems. i left my stems all longer than i needed them, just in case. i used three of the sturdier stems to create my initial circle. you want to make it slightly larger than you need it because as you add stems the circle will get smaller.

using the wire, secure the stems to one another. add flowers and stems around the circle. don't worry about being balanced or too perfect here. as long as the stems are securely added, you can't go wrong.

continue adding more flowers. you will start to get a feel for how large you want your flower crown to be and eventually you will find a point where you are satisfied. trim any excess stems sticking off and cut your remaining flowers (that are not yet attached to your crown) so they are just the head of the flower, or with a very short stem.

add the shorter stemmed pieces with your glue gun to hide the places where the wire is showing. once they are added, let the glue dry.

and now you are ready for summer! throw a party, light up the barbie and get out your best swimsuit. your flower crown will be your new favorite accessory.

now i'm ready for a nature filled summer...are you?!

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