Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SONP2013: super easy maxi skirt DIY

i am so excited to share this project with you guys! this one scared the crap out of me. i don't know how to make clothes...i have to sew a skirt? when i asked to be a part of the summer of no pants (#SONP2013) i knew that i would have to commit to making clothing.. but that was months ago - i'll figure it out, right?

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i was secretly terrified. but, if i failed in an epic way, maybe someone else out there wouldn't make the same rookie mistakes i made and the world would be a better place because i shared my massive failure. lucky for all of us - i didn't fail! and this skirt turned out to be so easy-peasy it is a little funny that i was so afraid.

you will need:
2 yards of stretch jersey fabric - i used a crazy pattern, so if i made mistakes it would be less obvious
fabric scissors
measuring tape
sewing machine
pug assistant - as needed

first, lay out your fabric. i folded mine in half because i was going to use two panels to create the skirt. find out which edge you want to be the bottom of your skirt and make sure there is enough length for the panels - i am super short so this part was pretty easy, but if you are tall you will want to double and triple check before you start cutting.

then you want to measure from the side that will be the bottom of your skirt up to the top of your skirt. mine was 36 inches from my waist to the top of my foot. i added an extra inch to allow for seam allowance and a hem line at the bottom.

once you measure and cut you will have a large square of fabric and a smaller rectangle (see the very first picture in this post for a visual reference) save the rectangle because that will become the top of your skirt - like how yoga pants have a fold-over top to them.

while the fabric is still folded - take the rectangle and wrap it around your waist to measure how long it will need to be. since the fabric is stretchy, i stretched it a little - you want your skirt to stay on. once you know how long it needs to be to make it around your waist, cut off the excess.

then decide how wide you want the fold-over band to be and cut off the top of the rectangle - so now it is as long as it needs to be to go around you and wide enough to fold over once.

now - fold the long rectangle in half long-ways and use it to measure the top of your skirt out in the big rectangle. this doesn't have to be totally exact, but you want to place the top of your skirt somewhere in the middle of the top of the big square.

make a small slit in the fabric on either side of your folded top (remember to fold your top in half longways because there are 2 panels that go together to equal your total waist band) then use the measure tape to draw a diagonal line from your slits at the top to the bottom corners.

cut along the diagonal all the way to the wide corner. so the top of the skirt is to the left here and the bottom will be full because it is wider at the bottom than the top. repeat this cut on a diagonal from the other side of your waist measurement to the opposite corner. you will end up with two matching panels, and one waistband rectangle.

flip your panels over and pin the "right" sides - or the sides of the fabric that will face out when you wear it - together.

also pin one of the "right" sides length ways of your fold over band together. this way when you fold it down on the skirt there will not be a visible seam along the edge. sew along one length edge.

sew one side of your skirt and pin the fold-over top to the piece. sew the waist band onto the panels. close the last side seam and sew along the edge.

try your new skirt on and impress everyone you know with your awesome skills!!

the pattern in the fabric makes it challenging to see the fold over waistband, but you can see it a little here. the top makes it so comfy and so easy for summer. just throw it on and go!

hooray for my first article of clothing - and the summer of no pants for giving me the push i needed to do it! have you ever made clothes for yourself? i want to keep on this trend and see what else i can come up with this summer! stay tuned...

and be sure to check out my #SONP2013 pinterest board for all kinds of pant-less fun!


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    1. haha! Annia, she is available for play dates with Lita anytime :)

  2. Thank for showing the waistband! I have been saving old skirts, dress bottoms, have my stash of fabriv. Just settling into my apt over the past year and findind the best place to setup. I am retired RN, retired early due to disability. Serious slump all winter but once on this website I am inspired, and need it for my sanity!!! The yoga waistband is so comfie on my back. Best descripion I've seen so far.
    Thanks for the motivation!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome, Christy! Thanks so much for stopping by! This skirt was so so easy - and it looks amazing on! I am so happy you are inspired :) If I can make this, anyone can! Happy sewing!!

  3. Wow, you make it look super simple! I may just muster up the courage to try this. I found you on Pinterest and now your wonderful blog is bookmared :D

    1. Aww, that's so sweet! It was so seriously easy! I am a total beginner, so you can totally make this skirt too! Glad to have you around! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I saw this fabric at Joanns a few days ago :) Awesome tutorial :))