Sunday, July 21, 2013

chicago bound!

hi friends!!

i don't even know where all the hours in the day get to, but i swear they fly by and before i know it they are gone. i miss being in this space and i miss being creative in such a big way.

i am still adjusting to my new job, and just finished my last days at my second job - which i will miss more than i can explain. my family at the community college where i tutored was incredible, and i love them so much so i know that even though i am not there on a weekly basis - i will still see them often. i will make it a priority because they have been a bigger part of my life than they realize.

in other exciting news, matt and i are going to one of my favorite cities for vacay! CHICAGO! we leave this tuesday for a whole week! i can hardly breathe for excitement.

so expect lots of goodies on instagram (follow along @betterwithjune) while we are there and lots of fun stuff here when i get back. i am hopefully getting into a daily routine - i can't really tell because i feel all over the place at all hours of the day - but i think things are calming down and i am getting into a rhythm - so i can spend more time here making fun things and sharing inspiration with you crazy kids!

one of the best parts of my new job is all the creative inspiration i get to enjoy nearly every day - so i can't wait to crack open some awesome books and share some cool projects.

i haven't reupholstered my chairs yet - and i promise to share that possible disaster (hopefully not - but its my first go at anything like this so... who knows?!) with you all here!

and lastly - some words of serious thanks - i have been totally scatter-brained and negligent to my wonderful internet family and i really appreciate you guys hanging around while i adjust to my new awesome life! it really is a blessing to have you all and you really make my day, every day.

i am going to go kick this vacation's ass and come back here ready to share some serious fun! i can't wait.. can you!?

anywhere amazing i should go in chicago? food recommendations? hidden gems? fabric/paper/craft/stationary stores i must go to!? please share and i'll tell you all about it when i get home!

much love to you all!