Saturday, January 25, 2014

the kindness project aka dropping kindness bombs

hi, oh.. er.. let me just get rid of some of this dust that's better!

HI! gosh it has been forever and i missed you guys terribly! i feel like i blinked and six months went by!

first, an update! i took a break from the land-o-blogging shortly after getting my new job. my routine was all out of whack and writing started feeling like a taxing job rather than something awesome and fun. that sucks, right? i needed a break. i needed a minute to get acclimated to my new (amazing!) job and get some sort of routine down. i also felt like i was spending all of my time online rather than doing things with my loving friends and family. but, it has been a great six months and i feel refreshed and so so happy to return to my blog and to you guys.

so here's where we are - it's almost my birthday!! eeee!!! since i have had such a great year full of love and fun new things, i wanted to do something different this year. i have read a couple of blogs where the person decided to be randomly kind on their birthday and perform x number of acts of kindness. totally awesome idea, right?

okay, so i started making a list - what small things could i do to make someone's day? the list grew..and grew...and grew! i was way past my needed 29 acts for my 29th bday and had a thought. why would i limit this? why would i stop at 29? so - i'm not. i'm going to drop kindness bombs all over this place!

it starts this weekend. and then - who knows? again - why should i limit it!? this world could use some extra kindness. (i actually got super excited about this project and started yesterday (since the place i was going is less populated on the weekend) and the smiles i got and the gratitude for something so tiny and easy to do was so so amazing. i made yummy muffins and took them to all my hardworking friends at the student learning center of the college i used to work at. they were so happy to see me and i was so happy to see them.) 10 points for gryffindor!

so here's how you can play along - first, you can follow along with all of my adventures in kindness this weekend on instagram @betterwithjune - then! you can drop your own kindness bombs and share them with us on instagram by using hashtag #kindnesswithjune

let's be more aware of the little things we can do to make someone's day a little brighter and spread some kindness. ready, go!

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